Migraine Relief Code Platinum

is a 6-Month Online Course that gives you everything in MRC,

plus genetic testing and weekly zoom calls

Genetic testing that looks at systems in your body, instead of isolated genes. We'll check all of the systems involved in headaches, such as neurotransmitters, inflammation, sleep, mood, detox, vascular, and methylation.

Weekly zoom calls with Dr. B + the other students: Here's where you can ask questions and personalize the course content to your particular situation. Our Zoom calls are on Tuesdays at 6 pm MST / 8 pm EST


Learn exactly which labs are necessary to figure out why you are having headaches and how to order them online without a doctor's order.

Leaky Gut Fix

Leaky gut is often the source of inflammation in migraine... and when you fix it, you reduce headaches. Learn the most effective protocols to help your gut heal.

Detox Protocols

Discover how to enhance your body's own detox systems to get toxins like mold and mercury out of your body and your brain so that you have fewer headaches

Discount Supplements

Learn which supplements you need to reduce headaches, PLUS receive a lifetime discount of 20% off all supplements at Fullscript.

Yoga and Meditation for Migraine

Specifically designed for the needs of people with headaches to relieve stress and reduce neck pain.

Recipes to reduce headaches

Dozens of recipes that take < 30 minutes and require < 10 ingredients - including a grocery list for each week.

12 weeks of video content

Everything you need to know about evidence-based ways to relieve headaches using integrative medicine

Smart Devices

Learn to use the latest technology to help your body heal. Work smarter, not harder!

Tuition is $3497

or $1199/month for 3 months

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