The Stress Detector:

Discover the 3 Hidden Stages of Stress and How to Reclaim Your Wellness

When a stressful event is over in your life, it's usually not over in your body.

We've learned that stress chemicals set in motion a series of changes in your body that can cause symptoms like headaches, insomnia, brain fog, and anxiety. This can happen months to years after the event.

Instead of treating each of these symptoms with a "pill for every ill," you can learn how help your body repair the damage caused by the stress chemicals.

You can shift from stress to wellness.

In the eBook, you will discover:

How stress impacts hormones like cortisol in our bodies

The 3 Stages of the stress response - most people haven't heard of the second two

My struggle with chronic stress

The true meaning of salt cravings!

Kind words from students

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