Migraine Relief Code

Online Course

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MRC is a 90-day Online Course that shows you the 4-step "Reboot Your Brain" process:

  • REVEAL: Which labs will help you find the underlying causes of your headaches

  • REVITALIZE: Learn the foods that have been proven to reduce headaches + the top 3 supplements you need to take to relieve headaches

  • REMOVE: How to heal from leaky gut so that you can effectively detox

  • REWIRE: with Yoga and Meditation for people with Migraine:

    • Weekly live classes on Tuesdays at 5 pm MST (7 pm EST)

    • Video library of over 75 videos you can watch any time

  • Tuition $997 )payment plan available)

Upgrades to MRC Online Course:

The DNA Code and VIP Thrive!

Upgrade #1: The DNA Code

How to support your body where it needs help, based on your genetics

You get everything in Migraine Relief Code PLUS:

  • Learn how your body processes neurotransmitters, inflammation, and nutrients so that you can optimize your health

  • Personalize your supplements based on your genetics

  • Results are not part of your medical record; they are completely private

  • No blood draw required

  • Two private 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Dr. Barrett to discuss the most effective ways to reduce headaches based on your results

  • Dozens of videos to help you understand your results

  • 6 month program/Tuition $2997

Upgrade #2: VIP Thrive!

Join the MRC Community on three live zoom calls per week

You get everything in Migraine Relief Code PLUS :

  • Join live zoom calls 3x/week:

    • Q&A with Dr. B so you can ask questions and get advice (Tuesdays at 6 pm MST / 8 pm EST)

    • Health Coaching to keep you on track so that you see results (Wednesdays at 6 pm MST / 8 pm EST)

    • Yoga and Meditation for Migraine

  • My favorite wearable health device + training on how to use it is included in this program

  • 6 month program/Tuition $2997

Upgrade #3: Combine both DNA + VIP Thrive!

(and save $1000!)

If you just want this problem solved, this is the solution for you. Here's what you get:

  • Migraine Relief Code "Reboot Your Brain" Protocol

  • Yoga and Meditation for Migraine

  • Genetic testing + 2 private Strategy Calls with Dr. B

  • Dozens of videos to help you understand your genetic test results

  • Zoom calls 3x/week for guidance and encouragement

  • My favorite health device + training on how to use it

  • 6 month program / Tuition $4997

Not sure what's right for you?

Join me for a free group zoom call to learn more!

Kind words from students

"Dr. B, you have changed my life. This year was the first Christmas in over 10 years in which I didn't have a migraine. I have decreased my migraine down to 6 a month from 15.

You pointed me in the right direction and fed me all the information I needed to find my way to happy!"

~Alejandra B

"Three days ago I woke up a new person! It was like a switch.

My family is in tears to see me not in pain and lethargic for the first time in a decade. I wish I was local so I could hug you! I think I just got my life back! Thank you for fixing me!"

~Melissa M.

"I am amazed that I am now having some headache free days and some days of it barely hurting off and on. I am one week into no triptans…and it is going much better than I could have ever imagined! I am so thankful for you passing on the things you have learned……and that something is finally helping me!!!!"

~Tamra M.